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Content Marketing for Small Businesses

Content Marketing for small businesses. This article discusses ways in which small businesses can implement an effective content strategy and achieve high impact results, but keep in place a mindful budget. Gone are the days when you need a big budget for marketing your business. Thanks to the digital era and the rise of technology, there are now lots of ways to implement and effective content marketing strategy without plunging into bankruptcy. Below we list some budget friendly ways to start, maintain a content marketing strategy. Create a Blog. It is important that readers can find your blog easily from
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Blogging: How can it benefit my business?

Blogging: How Can it Benefit my Business? For many, the idea of blogging is daunting. There is so much information out there on the world wide web, and everyone’s telling you to do different things. Who do you listen to? Where’s the starting point? Besides, many think that blogging belongs solely in the world of journalism and writers. Wrong. Blogging brings a whole range of perks for companies or brands big and small. It is a quick, easy and simple PR outlet that has a load of other not so well known bonuses as well. So, first things first, why
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Launch of drumBEAT Local

drumBEAT Marketing UK Launches New Brand to help smaller businesses with their online presence. drumBEAT Marketing is pleased to announce the launch drumBEAT Local and its website at drumBEAT Local has been created in order to help small firms with their online presence, who often don’t have the budget to commit to a full digital marketing strategy. It is a new brand launched by the Award Winning Digital Marketing Agency drumBEAT Marketing with the aims of providing a package based but personal approach to digital marketing, giving companies an affordable but quality service. Sitting alongside their main drumBEAT Marketing
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Success at 2016 Gainsborough Business Awards

drumBEAT Marketing UK Celebrate Success at 2016 Gainsborough Business Awards Winner of the Best New Business 2016 in the 7th Annual Gainsborough Business Awards on 22nd September at White Heather, Caenby Corner drumBEAT Marketing UK won Best New Business 2016 at the annual Gainsborough Business Awards. The black tie awards judged drumBEAT’s creative plan for growth setting them apart from established competitors and other businesses. The whole team and one of their clients were present at the event setup to celebrate the success of all local businesses. Matt Williamson, MD of drumBEAT Marketing said: “It’s an amazing feeling to receive
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B2B Marketing Expo – London

If there’s anything we’ve been super excited for over the last few months, it’s the B2B Marketing Expo being held at the Excel Arena in the London – The city of business and opportunity. Next week the team heads of to take London by storm and put the skills we’ve gained from previous shows to good use. The couple of days will be filled with networking, finding prospects and a learning curb for all of us. Of course we’re excited for the show but we’re also excited to meet members of the American team over at drumBEAT US who are
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Lincolnshire Digital Awards

  The world of digital is a hugely competitive market and we were a very proud bunch when we realised we’d earned a place as a Digital Start-up Finalist at the Lincolnshire Digital Awards. Lincolnshire thrives and evolves in the digital world at a rapid pace and there have been many new start-up agencies especially in the past couple of years, each one bringing fresh ideas into the digital world which made the news we were finalists even more special. The months of hard work and training a new team showed one of the many signs of why starting up
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Branding Our Offices

Office branding has potential to make a big difference within the working environment along with your companies image. Branding is more than just putting your logo on your office wall, it’s a chance to captivate and inspire your employees as well as make a good first impression to potential clients. These are just a few of the reasons we chose to brand our offices in the drumBEAT colours.    
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Love Business Show – Donnington Park

The past few months have consisted of frequent business expos, shows and talks as part of raising the profile of our brand. Our recent business adventure took us across the region and into the delights of Nottinghamshire, more specifically, Donnington race track in which we attended the Love Business show. Although we’ve done shows in the past, this was our biggest one yet but we hit it with full-force and took the team including our apprentice along with us. The show was an overall success and we definitely made a wise choice to try something outside of Lincolnshire – it was a
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3 Words for 2016

The three words I have chosen to start this year are service, results and reflection. I am not writing this blog post on behalf of myself but the drumBEAT team as a whole – we don’t consider ourselves a new business over a year down the line we do know there’s always more to learn and always more goals to be set and achieved. As for the 3 words, I have chosen words which fit perfectly and together make up an ongoing process. Service – Service within a business covers a vast amount of areas but I am focusing on customer
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New Year New Blog!

Hello and Welcome to our New Blog. Firstly all of the team at DrumBEAT Marketing UK would like to wish you a Happy New Year and hope that you had an amazing holiday (which seems like a distance memory to some!) As a marketing agency that works with a number of clients on their own sites, blogs and social media it is often easy to forget to focus on our own. One of our companies New Year’s Resolutions is to focus on our own website and as part of this officially launch our blog and make it a valuable information
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