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100 days of lockdown

100 Days of Lockdown – How We Have Adapted

It’s unbelievable to say that we are now 100 days down the line since we were told to stay at home, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 100 days is a long time, and a lot can happen! As a business, and a small team, we took this opportunity to adapt and strive in the face of uncertainty.

10 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Website to Keep Visitors Happy

Website mistakes are one of the easiest ways to turn people away from your business. It’s essential that when people reach your website, the experience is the best it can be. Users are unforgiving when it comes to website mistakes and will quickly leave your website if there are issues. We have put together some common website mistakes that are often easy to solve and can really help your website grow.


LinkedIn Events and Pulse For Your Business

LinkedIn Events and Pulse are two of LinkedIn’s newest features and have been designed to help users to maximise their use of the platform, connect even further and reach wider networks

shopify ecommerce

Shopify Updates – A Look to the Future of eCommerce

Here we have picked a selection of Shopify’s latest updates that we think are going to be the most useful moving forward for eCommerce websites. As a Shopify Partner we are always looking at their up and coming releases to see how we can apply them to our customers!

email template

How to Create a Mailchimp Template

  Sending e-shots is nothing new and has been part of the marketing mix for years. However, many companies are put off including this in

website improvements

10 Actionable Tips to Improve Your Website

A website should evolve as your business grows and it’s important to keep adding fresh content as, just because your website is live, it doesn’t mean it is ever truly finished.
Look at what is in place already and ask yourself how it can be improved. This can be from simple text changes, adding new pages or even new features such as booking systems and events calendars.

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