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drumBEAT Marketing is a leading Lincolnshire web design and digital marketing agency based in Gainsborough. Our websites are custom built to your requirements and are designed to create maximum impact with your customers.

From small informational websites to large e-commerce stores, we have you covered. We work with the world’s most popular Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Magento in addition to having the skills and expertise necessary to help your online business thrive.

A well-optimised website is crucial to maintaining a successful online presence. It acts as the hub of your online activities and the linchpin of any digital strategy. That’s why web development is one of our core services at drumBEAT Marketing. We have a wealth of experience to help you maximise the potential of your website and to fully integrate it with your wider marketing strategy.


Web Design Lincolnshire – What Makes Us Different

Unlike a lot of web development agencies, our websites are built by developers with serious SEO experience. Combine this with our in-house graphic designers and you not only end up with a professional site but one that the search engines love! There is no point in having a stunning website if nobody can find it, but with drumBEAT, you can have both.

We also pride ourselves in working with the client to provide the best solution for their needs. No one size fits all approach here, every website is different, and we work with the client to make sure their needs are met.

The website you receive will be built on both web and SEO best practices, ensuring it’s mobile responsive so displays correctly on different devices and also is fast loading. Over half of people browsing the internet are now doing so with a mobile device so it is essential the site displays correctly on their device and also loads quickly on a mobile data connection. Site speed is a critical factor when running a website and something we always focus on when creating the sites and after it is launched.


What are the Benefits of Having a Website?

There are lots of reasons to have a website and it is important when starting a website project to work out what benefits you are hoping to achieve. Whether it to purely have a website as ‘that’s what our competitors do’ or you have genuine business needs we can work with you to make sure the site delivers.

If you are unsure why you should have a website here are some of the main reasons we see:

  • Online Visibility – most people will look you up online before taking further action, with 75% of consumers admitting to making judgement on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website.
  • Educate your Customers – now you have your customer’s attention, you can show them what makes you special. Show what sets you apart from your competitors. Give them enough reason to not go elsewhere.
  • Share your Expertise – boost your business credibility by making your website a ‘go to’ portal for information. Show why you are good at what you do and your experience in the field.
  • Sell your Products – if you have products to sell, you can reach a mass audience online. When selling products online you need to show your credibility but also make the user journey seamless so the visitor can find what they want quickly and buy without any hassle.
  • Create Communities – a website is a great way to build customer loyalty by creating a sense of community. Give people a place to learn and communicate with people and let the site grow itself through user interaction.


Types of Website

Every website project is different which makes it essential that we spend time with the client to establish their needs and fully understand what they want from the site. This includes the look and feel, how it functions and also the type of site that best fits their needs. Although every project is different we typically group the projects into similar types  of functionality such as:


Single Page – sometimes we find smaller businesses just want a small web presence, they don’t need all the bells and whistles and just need a simple informational site.  In which case we can build a single page leaflet type site, most often with a contact form and just enough information to enable the visitor to take the next step.

Brochure/Service Company Site – Showcase websites for service-based businesses including accountants, solicitors, electricians, plumbers and more. These types of site need an emphasis on their skills and services, often with custom functionality such as custom team pages and further information about what makes the company experienced and trustworthy. For a brochure site the focus is often on imagery and displaying your offering in a clean and concise way.

E-commerce – One of the main areas of experience for drumBEAT is e-commerce having developed sites in Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento with several turning over 6 and 7 figures a year. We have worked with E-commerce stores from small sites with around 10 products to massive sites with over 15,000 stock items. It’s important to understand the amounts and types of the products to be sold to make sure the correct solution is put in place.

Booking Systems – many service businesses we have created sites for having required booking systems including boarding kennels, hairdressers and more. There are lots of options for having a booking system on your site from the basic contact form enquiry to a third-party system which can manage that side of your business. Every client has slightly different requirements, so we work with the client to truly understand the details and make sure the solution works for them now and in the future as they grow.

Membership Sites– we have worked with clients to build memberships sites to give exclusive content to individuals including wedding venue sites and sales coaching sites. A membership site needs to be simple to use but also makes sure only the correct people see the information at the right times.


What is a Content Management Systems (CMS)?

Gone are the days when websites were just a handful of pages with static content which acted as an online brochure. In today’s digital age, websites have complex sitemaps, interactive features and often need to be updated regularly.  As websites have grown in size and complexity it has become more important to find ways for businesses to be able to easily update their own website without having to touch (and risk breaking!) the underlying code.

This is where a Content Management System (CMS) can be extremely useful. They are systems built to organise a website and allow easy publishing, editing and creation of content, even if you don’t know how to code.  A proficient CMS will not only let you easily create content but will also allow you to easily add functionality to the website through add-ons or plugins, without spending a fortune on custom development.

At drumBEAT, we specialise in the WordPress platform due to its widespread use amongst worldwide businesses as well as the flexibility and reliability it offers. For larger e-commerce stores we also specialise in Magento builds as these can often benefit from its dedicated e-commerce functionality.


Our Approach

In order for a web development project to be successful and delivered within an agreed time frame, at drumBEAT we follow a tried and tested process. This ensures that each project runs smoothly and aids communication between all parties. Being transparent about our process means that you are always aware of the stages of the developmental journey and know when your input will be required.

Project Kick Off Meeting

For every project we start with an initial kick off meeting where we can delve into the details of the offerings, what functionality the site needs, how the client imagines the site will look, any detail that can help us to create the perfect website.

Website Design and Planning

Based on this our website team will work with our design team to create the initial site concepts. Depending on requirements this may also involve branding work if needed. We will communicate with the client throughout and create an initial site design and a plan for the build.

Website Build

Once the client is happy with the initial preparation work, we take the site to build. This is worked on by our internal development team in conjunction with our design team and marketing teams to make sure the site is built from solid foundations to help the business grow.

Website Testing

Once the site is built it is subject to extensive internal testing before it is passed to the client. We test every aspect of the site on a multitude of devices. The site is then passed to the client in order to test the site and prepare the site to go live.

Website Launch

Once any tweaks are complete and the site is signed off, the site is prepared for launch. If this is a brand-new website on a new domain, this is a simple process of making the site public and re-testing all of the contact forms etc to make sure all is working as it should. If it is replacing an existing site the website development team work together with our SEO specialists to make sure to minimise any impacts of the migration such as maintaining site structure or redirecting where possible, ensuring all key on-page information such as Meta Titles and Descriptions are maintained. Only once the SEO team are happy with the site will it be launched.

Next Steps

Now the site is launched it is easy to think the job is done, but often this is the beginning of a sites journey. Once live all of the analytics and tracking is setup on the site and the site is continually monitored.

Depending on the client the site is then typically passed to our SEO/PPC team to start working on the site to grow its visibility and ultimately deliver business results for the client. If you want to know more about our SEO offering you can find that information here.

Hopefully this answers all of your queries about how we can help you have the best website for your needs. We have put together an FAQ below with some typically questions clients ask, but if you are unsure or want to talk further about how we can help you please get in touch and we would be happy to either have a call or invite you into the office to discuss your needs in more detail. You can contact us on 01427 808870 or fill in the contact form below.


Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the Turn Around time for a website?

As we have mentioned every site is different so we would never give a generic answer to a site turnaround time. We instead talk with the client at the initial meetings so that we can more accurately understand their needs and the work that needs to be done and communicate this to the client.

What do you need from me?

Your time is precious, so we have built our website process around this to ensure you are always fully aware of what we need from you and when we need it. From our initial onboarding questionnaire to supplying content, we are on hand to make the process as smooth as possible for you.

How much will it cost me?

Pricing varies depending on your requirements, with a number of payment options in place, please contact the team on 01427 808870 if you want to discuss this further.

What if I already have a website / domain?

If you have a domain great, all we need is either access to the domain provider or someone in your business who can update the records we need. If you don’t, we can set this all up for you. If you already have a website, we will discuss with you what parts need to be maintained and how to best migrate the site once complete.

Do you setup my emails?

Some clients already have their emails up and running others wouldn’t know where to start. We will work with you to work out the best solution for your emails and add this into the project specification. If you already have emails that need migrating, talk to the team and we can often assist with this as well.

Do I require Web Hosting?

Some companies force you to use their own hosting when creating a website however we are more flexible than that. We offer a number of our own hosting and maintenance plans to fit your needs but if you want to host and maintain the site yourself, we can work with you to get this setup correctly and hand over the site to you once complete. We often recommend the site it initially hosted with us in order to monitor this closely but happy to work with the client on their needs.

See What Our Clients Say

The Original Party Bag Company

What We Did

The client already had a website selling high-end party accessories and needed help. Her current site was starting to look old fashioned and was falling behind her competitors. She also struggled to update and to maintain her existing site. She also engaged a local SEO agency to help drive more Google traffic and increase sales. Unfortunately, they didn’t achieve the results she was hoping for. This is when she commissioned us to build her a new custom site based on WordPress using WooCommerce to provide her with the capabilities she needed. The site was designed and built in-house and integrated with her inventory system to enable it to link up with her other sales channels. Whilst building the site we made sure there was a heavy focus on SEO with the internal structure, content and other key on-page elements all being optimised as we designed and built the site. We also did extensive competitor research and focused on the user experience.

What The Client Said

“If you are looking for a new or improved website we are sure that you will not find any company more willing to go the extra mile to try to achieve all you need to tailor make the perfect site for you. One of our largest global suppliers recently noted that we have “the best website from all of the suppliers in UK and USA” and we are often complimented on our website design and usability. If we could keep Drumbeat just to ourselves we would, as we don’t really want everyone having the perfect site too !!!””

Petaurum Solutions

What We Did

The client wanted a new up-to-date, fully mobile responsive website that was more modern and easy to edit. We built the site using WordPress and focused on the overall usability of the site along with enriching the content. We filmed members of the client’s team to help give a more interactive and personal feel to the site. We also did a competitor analysis and decided to design the homepage with a video banner to help draw visitor’s attention to the main call-to-action when they initially visited the website. We migrated all the original blogs to a new one and amended the architecture as part of an on-going SEO process.

What The Client Said

“It’s not very often possible to say that working with a supplier is an absolute pleasure, but my experience with Chris, Matt and the team at Drumbeat Marketing UK is exactly that. They work with us, not for us, which is a critical distinction to make in describing the way they do things. I don’t even consider them as a supplier any more. They are critical a partner and operate as an embedded part of our business. Nothing is too much trouble and so often they are recommending improvements, enhancements and ways to add value before we’ve even thought of them ourselves! Experts in their field, they have dramatically improved our online and social media presence, bringing a far greater level of authority to the content we produce and share. Needless to say, I can’t recommend them highly enough and look forward to continuing to work with them for many years to come.”

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