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Social media use is growing all the time and it has quickly become one of the most popular services that we offer. We continue to deliver successful campaigns for clients across a wide range of industries from accountancy to agriculture. Not only does social media keep you at the forefront of your audience’s mind but it also makes your customer more accessible than ever. Our team has a lot of experience of running successful campaigns creating a variety of content and using paid ads to help further increase exposure and lead to more sales.

Social networks have exploded in recent years. From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and LinkedIn, nearly everyone uses at least one of the major social networks. Thanks to the surge in connected mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and now even watches) social media marketing offers round-the-clock access to your customers and a range of lucrative business opportunities. Social media marketing is fast becoming a customer expectation rather than an optional extra, so it is important for your company to take advantage of these platforms and add another string to your digital marketing strategy.

Whilst most business owners are confident in using social networks in their personal lives, many are unsure how to tap into social media’s potential when it comes to generating business opportunities. Knowing exactly what to write about can be a minefield, and many companies struggle to understand correct online etiquette or how to use social media platforms to drive sales.

Thankfully, drumBEAT Marketing is here to help! We offer a range of tailored solutions to help you engage with customers through social media marketing, which will raise your company profile and drive relevant traffic to your website and business.


Why Do I need Social Media Marketing?

There are countless reasons for using Social Media Marketing which all need to be assessed in order to ensure they fall in line with your digital marketing strategy. Some of the common uses involve:

  • Increase customer engagement – get people talking about your products and sharing their opinions.
  • Improve Brand awareness – keep people up to date about your company.
  • Add a ‘personal touch’ to your business marketing – show visitors the people behind your business by posting your office news, events and anything that helps to show your company in a different light than you can achieve on your website.

Our Approach

At drumBEAT we follow a step-by-step framework to ensure your social media marketing is providing good return on investments:

  1. Client discussions to establish the aims of the campaign.
  2. Identifying the correct platform(s) to use.
  3. Competitor analysis – what are your competition doing and what can we do better!
  4. Content planning – how can we shake things up with your audience?
  5. Content creation from graphics to videos and more.
  6. Devising a schedule for the content, to ensure the information is always fresh.
  7. Use our analytics tools to monitor the impact of the campaigns in order to increase their overall effectiveness.

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