We’re being nothing but positive about the current lockdown self isolation situation and are here to offer tips on how to maximise your online presence to hit the ground running when we’re back to normality.

Now is the best time to put these into practice with many of us either having more time on our hands, or reassessing how we did things pre Coronavirus. Being online, having a website, being on social media and the likes is all very well and good but are you doing it well?

These are easy tweaks you can make to become a shining example of having a great online presence:

Your Facebook Business Profile

Is it up to date? Let’s get straight to the point here. As customers, seeing a half-hearted attempt at a Facebook page is often off putting so why would you let your business page give off the same message?

Is your Story complete? Does it really reflect you and your business, exactly the way you want it to? Don’t neglect this part of your page, it builds trust with new visitors and helps them to form a connection with your brand.

Imagine a customer rings asking for information on your product or service. Would you take their name but leave out their phone number and address? No, of course you wouldn’t! So why leave your About Us section blank or uncompleted?

Again, it builds trust with page visitors and allows them easy access to contact you.

Remember all the different styles of buying we have; some prefer to call and speak to a person, some prefer communicating via email, and some will happily Facebook messenger.

Be prepared for all!

 One thing we see a lot of is unused and unnecessary tabs on the left-hand side of your profile. When you set a business Facebook page up, it will automatically apply templated tabs depending on your type of business e.g. services or products. That doesn’t mean you have to accept the tabs Facebook is suggesting.

Tailor these to your business just as we have to tidy your page up, only show what you want people to see and make it look like you care about your page. You can do this in Settings under the Templates and Tabs section.

Google My Business

Many businesses we work with initially don’t have a Google My Business (GMB) account, with many people never having heard of it before. GMB is an easy and cost-effective way to make your business more discoverable online and in real life.

It can dramatically increase your search visibility and that’s why we recommend to every business to have an account. This is where you get to control what people see on the very first step towards knowing your brand.

GMB also has an added benefit that you can post updates on there, like you would other social media platforms.

You also get great data and insights on queries used to find your business, how customers search for your business and what actions they’re taking, among others.

Sign up here (it’s free) > www.google.com/business/

What are your Competitors doing?

They’re competitors for a reason so ignoring them isn’t the best idea. You can see what they’re doing and what they’re doing well and use it to ask questions about your own marketing efforts. If they’re doing well, how can you also do well whilst creating your own space in the industry – after all, there is room for everyone!

Start by doing a simple search for them and go from there – analyse everything about their online presence from their search engine results pages, what they’re posting on social media and what’s on their website.

What have you already done well?

There’s no better place to look for inspiration than in the content you have already created. Go back through your Facebook posts and see which ones did better than others (go to the Insights tab for this) and see what kind of messaging goes down the best with your audience.

Use this as a starting point when coming up with ideas for the future. Go through the content on your website in the same manner and start to understand what content you should be spending your time on. There’s nothing worse than spending hours on a blog that no one then reads.


Align the findings with your keyword research and start creating content from there!

Go one step further here and look into your Google Analytics (GA) for more insight. If you don’t know how GA works, it’s a code that’s added to your website that tracks all activity. Monitoring the data gives you a great insight into the behaviour of web traffic which again, will help you understand what you’ve done well and what to focus on.

If you don’t have GA, or need some help understanding it better, get in touch with us and we’ll talk you through the steps!


What is your message?

If you’re going to build a relationship with your online audience, make sure your messaging is consistent. Have a think about the message you have been putting out and whether it’s working how you want it to, or not.

Are people engaging with your content? Are you adding value to their lives with your marketing efforts?

A good way to fine tune your messaging is to understand your demographics issues and needs – their pain points. What does your business offer that will satisfy their needs and make them happy?

For example, let’s say you own a nursery and plant centre. It’s springtime and your customers are looking for plants and vegetables that need planting now in order to reap the benefits later in the year. If you’re messaging is still on Christmas trees and trying to sell the last few you have, you’re going to miss the boat with your customers current needs.

By understanding your customers needs, you can start looking at how you can solve them.

TOP TIP: Write down all the frequently asked questions you hear from potential or current customers and start compiling the answers. By getting this information out there, you’re providing it before people even knew they needed it!

Talk to Us

If you get to the end of this checklist and feel like you’ve really polished your online presence, then great job! It’s a perfect place to be in to maximise opportunities when things return to normal.

If you have any questions or are unsure on any of these stages, please get in touch as we’re happy to run through it all with you! enquries@drumbeatmarketing.co.uk

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