Mastering The Inbox

Whether you need help setting up and running MailChimp or you are looking for a more advanced email service provider with full automation our team are able to help you. Sending 1000’s of emails on clients behalves, our team are very experienced when it comes to email marketing.

What better way to keep your customers in the loop than with regular Email Marketing?

Whether you want to inform them of your latest news or tempt them with special offers, email marketing offers a cost-effective way of generating sales and building customer loyalty.

But in an age of spam filters, mobile devices and overstuffed inboxes, creating a successful email marketing campaign can be tricky, and often requires professional support.

At drumBEAT we have extensive skills in developing eye-catching email campaigns. Combining our expertise in design, web development and digital marketing, we create unique campaigns that appeal to your customer demographic and – most importantly – convert into sales.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing involves creating lists of your clients and sending them targeted email campaigns. If done well, these can be used to generate sales, reward customer loyalty and improve your brand recognition.

Email marketing campaigns need to be carefully crafted to ensure that they avoid the dreaded spam folder and do actually lead to conversions. This means they have to be captivating, persuasive and entertaining all at once – not an easy task! They should also be optimised to ensure the email has the maximum chance of performing well e.g. by including well-placed links, suitable product placements, in-depth tracking and relevant, personalised content.

Working with a team of experts is the safest way to avoid the common pitfalls of e-marketing campaigns. drumBEAT Marketing can offer many forms of support, helping you sculpt better emails, organise your email lists, utilise the latest technology and optimise your website checkout process to improve conversion rates.

Email marketing remains one of the hottest digital marketing strategies for boosting sales and customer engagement, so it is something we highly recommend.

Automated Email Marketing

Whilst email marketing can be a perfect method of communicating with your clients, it can also be a time-intensive process. Automated email marketing offers a smarter way of working, as it can be used to automatically email your clients relevant information without the need for you to do anything.

Every business has different automation needs depending on the nature of their online presence. Automations can be as simple as employing a series of autoresponders to important events on your website – for example whenever someone signs up to your mailing list or abandons their shopping cart. Automations can also be extremely complex and integrated with a range of other digital services, such as a fully automated sales funnel or employing automated processes to update and maintain your CRM.

Automated Email Marketing doesn’t need to be impersonal. At drumBEAT we craft our automated email campaigns carefully, to give your customers the feeling of having received a personal email. Autoresponders created in this way provide all the benefits of personal correspondence without the need for constant monitoring or the drain on staff time and resources.

If implemented skilfully, automated systems can be used to dramatically reduce overheads and boost your sales performance. At drumBEAT we are experts in helping companies do just that.


Our Approach

At drumBEAT we follow a step-by-step framework to maximise the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns:

  1. A client consultation to establish the overall aims of the campaign.
  2. Place email capture forms on key areas of your website in order to populate the lists.
  3. Run targeted campaigns to grow the email lists and encourage form fills.
  4. Design the email templates in accordance with your brand guidelines.
  5. Test the email through all popular email services (Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail etc).
  6. Schedule the campaign for publishing at an optimal time.
  7. Monitor the results and adjust accordingly for the following email, in consultation with the client.

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