6 SEO Tips to get the Best Google Rankings

  We have put together some SEO tips to help you to boost your Google rankings and reap the benefits that brings. They are in line with top 2020 SEO practices, but they don’t just stop there. They’re a look to the future, given the consistent importance they have received so far. Implementation of these […]

10 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Website to Keep Visitors Happy

Website mistakes are one of the easiest ways to turn people away from your business. It’s essential that when people reach your website, the experience is the best it can be. Users are unforgiving when it comes to website mistakes and will quickly leave your website if there are issues. We have put together some common website mistakes that are often easy to solve and can really help your website grow.

10 Actionable Tips to Improve Your Website

A website should evolve as your business grows and it’s important to keep adding fresh content as, just because your website is live, it doesn’t mean it is ever truly finished.
Look at what is in place already and ask yourself how it can be improved. This can be from simple text changes, adding new pages or even new features such as booking systems and events calendars.

How to Grow Social Media Engagement & Brand Awareness

Engagement has typically always been a common metric for evaluating social media performance. Although it doesn’t necessarily translate into sales, it reflects the value of a business’ social media efforts.
Engaging in new and current audiences is difficult and can leave you scratching your head for ideas. Getting engagement on your posts increases your brand awareness and compliments your other forms of marketing.

How to Sell Online During the Current Crisis – What Next?

  If you’ve not read our previous 6 blogs on how to sell online… where have you been?! Check them out HERE and the come back for ‘What Next?’ So, now that you have somewhere to sell your products and the right process in place, you need to work out how to let people know […]

How to Sell Online During the Current Crisis – Sending Products

  And now, for the next piece of the eCommerce puzzle… sending products. We’re looking at how you are going to get the products to your customers and how much you are going to charge them. In the current pandemic, this is going to be the toughest one to work out and something you need […]

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