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Shopify Updates – A Look to the Future of eCommerce

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Shopify is a very popular e-commerce platform that we use for a number of our clients. It’s gaining popularity as one of the best e-commerce systems on the market, and for good reason.  As a Partner we are always looking at the Shopify updates to apply them to our customers’ websites.

Shopify have recently had their first ever Reunite online conference. This is where they delved deep into their plans for the system and what is coming over the next year. A lot of Shopify updates are going to be implemented in America first and then rolled out to other countries. Here we have picked a selection of these updates we think are going to be the most useful.

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Shop Pay Instalments

Businesses are feeling the strain due to the current pandemic and it has become harder and harder to generate a sale. One of the most exciting developments coming later this year is the ability for customers to pay in instalments with No Interest of Fees. How does it work? Merchants will receive the full amount up front. It then becomes Shopify’s responsibility to collect the remaining amount. This is a brilliant no risk solution.

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Selling Internationally

For the companies operating in multiple countries, merchants will soon be able to make use of ‘Local Domains.’ This means that they can use a different domain name for different countries. Not only that, but they can display their sites in multiple currencies and languages. This will be according to Google best practices to ensure this will positively help your sites SEO abilities.

So, wherever in the world a client is, they will have access your store in a local environment and offer a local experience.

Typically, this has always been something that is only available with expensive add-ons or some of the larger, more costly e-commerce systems such as Magento.

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Soon, people will be able to handle subscriptions with a native Shopify app. This has already been announced but is currently in development and will give more options on generating income. To make a better shopping experience for everyone, there are improvements promised for the checkout experience, too!

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Google Shopping Listings and Facebook Shops

One of the most important steps to build a full e-commerce strategy is to look at new channels to sell your products on. A lot of these can be complicated and sometimes expensive to setup.

Thankfully, there are some great options coming from Shopify. The first of these is to list your products on Google Shopping directly from the Shopify app. Google has recently announced they are opening up Google Shopping to everyone. This was previously in the realm of paid adverts, so having this functionality built into Shopify will streamline the entire process.

Not to be left out, Facebook have also released Facebook Shops. This allows people more power to buy directly from within Facebook, and not just link to the Shopify page to complete the purchase. As such Shopify and Facebook have worked together to allow products to sync to Facebook and Instagram Shops directly from Shopify.

Setting up channels such as these has always been a complicated and often stressful experience. So, having these two combined can quickly expand your potential market to some of the biggest channels available!

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New Delivery and Pickup Methods

Now more than ever people are finding new ways to get their products to their clients. These include methods such as arranging local contactless delivery and drop off points. With these available, it quickly became apparent that e-commerce platforms needed to support the new ways of working.

Shopify are creating delivery options to allow order collection from store or curb side from a location of choice. They are also improving local delivery options. It will soon be possible to offer local delivery rates based on a customer’s postal code and the distance from your shop. With the addition of being able to set local fees and minimum order prices, these changes are going to prove invaluable to local suppliers.

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In Summary

These are just some of the main changes talked about at the Reunite conference, but we love what we’re seeing so far. They offer a real promising change of landscape for e-commerce sites. We will be keeping an eye out for them when they’re implemented in the UK updating our clients.

If you have any questions on this and how it could help your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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