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LinkedIn Events and Pulse For Your Business


LinkedIn Events and Pulse are two of LinkedIn’s newest features and have been designed to help users to maximise their use of the platform, connect even further and reach wider networks. In light of COVID-19, the business landscape has changes and LinkedIn have needed to react to that. No longer can we meet face to face so building profiles and extending reaches online are now more important than ever.

LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn Events is an opportunity for you to make the most of your community on the social media platform. This feature allowed you to create an event to share with your network and wider audience. Surprisingly, it was only launched at the back end of last year and was only available to selected company pages.

However, given the COVID-19 impact, LinkedIn has made Events available to everyone. When the world is back to ‘normal’ this can be used for in-person events but for now, it helps to connect people with a common interest online.

It’s LinkedIn’s way of muscling in on webinars, live-streams, live events and more which are available on other social networks. Now you can bring your network together through:

  • Online workshops
  • Networking events
  • Product launches
  • Conferences and Summits

One thing we love about LinkedIn Events is the newsfeed feature within the events. Pre and post event, you can do all the ‘mingling’ you would normally do face-to-face to further connect with those interested.

LinkedIn Events














LinkedIn Pulse

Blogging is nothing new to any of us, it has been around for years. But finding new ways of promoting our content is something of daily struggle for some! Diversifying ways to disseminate increases your credibility, visibility and makes you somewhat authoritative in your area.

LinkedIn Pulse allows you to publish content directly onto the platform in the from of a news aggregation feed. Once a feature only for well-known influencers, it’s now available for all 380 million members using the social media platform.

LinkedIn Pulse

It takes out the middleman, so to speak, and allows users to directly publish content to their audiences. Not that it should replace publishing articles to your own website, though. We see LinkedIn Pulse as another way in which to support your marketing efforts and spread the word about your brand.

You are also able to tag your articles meaning you can target certain areas of your market in an effortless way. LinkedIn has also implemented automatic SEO; audiences can now search for your content using specific keywords. By including these in your content, you are speaking directly to an engaged audience


If you would like any tips on how to use LinkedIn Pulse and Events then please get in touch!

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