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How to Sell Online During the Current Climate – Your Products


Once you know where you are going to sell your products,  you need to decide what you are selling online. Start gathering your product information to make it as pain free a process as possible!

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Where to start?

The biggest pitfall people often find at this point is trying to put too many products online at once. Instead, focus on the products that are the best-selling and profitable and getting these online first.

By trying to get ALL products online at once, it will cost you time where you could have already started selling. That said, people always like options to choose from. It’s a case of balancing your time with how quickly you want to get the site up and running.

Keep it simple: Start with a smaller number of core products and get them right. Once the site is live, continue to add them.

To make things easier, we often recommend putting a spreadsheet of your products together. By compiling your information this way, you can see anything missing and keep it organised. There is a lot of information you can add to a product but to begin with, stick to the core details people need.

The typical information you need when creating your first products include:

  • Product Title – Along with the image this is the first thing people see so make it clear what the product is.
  • Price – Do some research into what your competitors are charging. Customers will compare prices much more online than in real life!
    That said, try to keep your prices similar to where else you sell them so there is transparency and continuity.
  • Product Description – This is your chance to really sell the product.
    If it’s something unique, try to explain what people can expect and add any details you can. It doesn’t need to be an essay but enough to convince someone to buy it!
  • Photos – It’s the first thing our eyes are drawn to so be clear! Don’t worry though, it doesn’t mean they have to be taken by a professional, especially to start with.Modern smartphones often have amazing cameras so with a bit of patience and some experimenting you can create great product photos yourself. Keep in mind you can show more than one image so take photos of the products from different angles. Show things like packaging to help improve the visitors experience of the product.Teach yourself the art of taking awesome photos using these tips here

Keep it simple: Start with the basics, you can always add to them later.

Starting out in a clear and methodical way will help you enormously later down the line. We often see clients come to us with eCommerce sites that are in a real mess through no fault of their own! Not everyone has the kind of knowledge we’ve outlined above so take advantage of it and start as you mean to go on.

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