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How to Get More Instagram Followers for Your Business

Instagram is key for social engagement, offering direct and visual communication in one place – perfect for businesses.

From market research, marketing campaigns, customer service and feedback, Instagram offers more than most social media channels when it comes to digital marketing. Here at drumBEAT we understand that for some using Instagram can feel slightly alien – here’s how we make it work for you and gain more followers on Instagram

Target your audience

Use a dedicated hashtag that is memorable and use it across multiple channels. This way customers are likely to make the link between seeing your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and whichever other social media profiles you have set up. Whenever, wherever this hashtag is searched for your posts will appear. Instagram followers are gained when you’re consistent with things like this.



Without the use of hashtags, posts may as well be invisible to those who don’t already follow you. Build more Instagram followers by using relevant hashtags. As well as the obvious ones, use funny and creative hashtags that will spark engagement and make your posts memorable.

Take time to research hashtags in your industry and be sure to use them appropriately. This way you’ll appear in hashtag searches and people will view your posts which should convert into a follow, then into a sale.



Be sure to interact with conversations with customers, businesses and brands. When you are searching for hashtags and find the most used ones there will be conversations between people. Where appropriate get involved in these to generate brand awareness. People with similar interests will discover you which will likely result in a follow – especially if you crop up several times.


Your bio

Make sure you take advantage of the Instagram bio. Keep it fresh, relevant and creative. Change it up every few weeks and ensure that there is a link to your website, preferably to a product that you’re trying to sell more of or a new product that has just arrived.


Photo captions

Make sure these are funny, informative and engaging. Like the bio, take full advantage. Tell a story, make a point and give all of the information necessary. Be witty, clever and take time to think about them. What may seem like something simple is actually a key part of gaining followers.


Interactions with influencers

Identify influencers in your industry, follow them and comment, like and share their posts. Getting your name out there is a good way of both gaining Instagram followers and sales. Keep up to date with what the big dogs are doing and get involved.


Visual style

Creating a visual style and sticking to it helps your Instagram feed look professional, sleek and well thought out. Edit your pictures with the same filters, stick to brand-representing colours and themes. If you’re going to crop a photo with a white border, do it to all of them. Your profile picture should link to your brand, the logo usually works best.


Places tab

On Instagram the ‘places’ tab allows you to see what is going on in your local area. Events that you can get involved with are usually found here – see what your community is up to and build a strategy to use it to your benefit. Comment on pictures and videos to project your business into the community.


Call or email drumBEAT Marketing UK if you’re struggling with Instagram or any other social media platforms.


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