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drumBEAT at: LEP Business Live

drumBEAT Marketing UK is only 11 months old and we’re at that stage where we’re getting ourselves out there and showing our faces. LEP Business Live was our first business event and it’s safe to say it was an overall success! Although it was slightly quieter than we were expecting we made some great connections, even with competitors and that’s the great thing about these events, you are able to become friends with those people who you don’t expect. We found LEP Business Live a good event to ease us into big things coming next year and preparing us for the bigger shows and business expos we have planned.

We weren’t sure what to expect with this event but we found everyone at the event was very friendly and many people from various businesses came up and introduced themselves. We also enjoyed catching up with some familiar faces.


Our preparation for this event was small and included the basics such as leaflets and business cards. As for our stand we had printed a couple of banners, our branding is strong but we can’t say we stood out next to the bright lights of the TV’s and photo booth on the stand next to us but nevertheless we gained many more leads than we expected and the stand next to us definitely gave us ideas for events to come. We were impressed with the interest we got and we hope we get a good outcome from attending this event. Due to the size and nature of the event we could really focus on those who showed an interest in our company and it allowed us to talk in depth and share the benefits drumBEAT has to offer. Not only did we enjoy this event from a company stand point but we also enjoyed seeing what other local businesses have to offer and hopefully reading this will inspire some of you to visit local events.

If you’re a growing business like ourselves we recommend local events as a first step, as it gives you experience of an event and establishes you in the local sector providing great networking opportunities. As a small business it is important to make connections and this is a great way to get your face recognised.



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