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8 Quick & Easy Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas

Whether you love or loathe Valentine’s Day, it’ll soon by upon us!

This romantic calendar date offers a great opportunity to create and launch quick and easy marketing campaigns. A good marketing campaign connects your brand with your audience and Valentine’s Day is no different. There’s still time to build a campaign into your content calendar and run it effectively. Here are 8 great ideas to capture hearts and minds!

Run a Contest

This is one of the easiest ways to raise engagement and it can be fun along the way! Give something away that appeals to your followers and benefits them. That could be a meal for two, a bunch of flowers, a spa voucher… the ideas are endless. Contests need not be a huge drain on your budget so don’t begrudge giveaways, and don’t assume they have to be tied to your brand. Many companies give something away on Valentine’s Day, well… because it’s Valentine’s Day! As we mentioned above, make sure whatever you decide to offer is fit for both couples and singles.

Send Valentine’s Day Cards

Yes, it might sound cheesy but in a digital world where marketing and communications has a strong online presence, going old school will set you apart from the pack and make an impact. Of course, the message doesn’t want to be about love, but it can be an opportunity to tell your customers how much you value them. This isn’t the time for salesy messages! You could even consider including a special offer or discount in it. If it all sound like a bit too much hard work, digital cards are just as effective.

Valentines Day Email

Email Marketing

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to use emails to strengthen your relationship with your contacts. Timed right, your e-shots will arrive when customers are thinking what to buy for that special someone and hey presto… there’s your brand in front of them! Make sure to send the first in the campaign before VD, because building some excitement for the day encourages people to start shopping. Don’t forget segmentation. Use consumer behaviour to split your email marketing lists based on activity. This way you’ll be adapting the message and sending personalised content (think buying clothes for the opposite sex).

Two for One

We’ve talked about contests already but offering two for one is a very ‘on point’ Valentine’s Day campaign. As it’s all about being in couples, or celebrating relationships with another, offering the chance to spend time with someone special whilst saving money is appealing to customers. Even if you don’t offer physical products to offer, you can still offer “two-for-one” on a day out, concert tickets, spa/activity vouchers… the options are endless (and well within budget!)

Valentines Day Offer

Be Inclusive

Don’t exclude those who aren’t in relationships. Alienating a large portion of your audience is a bad move and can be easily avoided! Valentine’s Day is also an opportunity to celebrate relationships with loved ones, friends and family – not just partners. If you are worried about how to craft your Valentine’s Day message, the 15th is Singles Awareness Day. Combine these two days and take care of your entire demographic of customers

Share the Love

Use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to promote your brand in a friendly and positive way by giving to charity. Sharing the love this way will make your company look good, generally, and will also resonate deeply with your audience at this time of year. Show your social responsibility in one of these ways:

  • Donate, and encourage donation of, materials to local schools or community schemes
  • E-commerce sites can ask customers to donate at checkout
  • Hold a fundraising event at work – we’re thinking a (heart-shaped) cake bake!

Can you think of other ideas? Let us know!

Work alongside a Partner

Why not partner up with another organisation to double your Valentine’s Day campaign efforts? Choose a company that is mutually beneficial to yours so you can benefit from their reach and potentially pick up some new customers from a source that isn’t direct competition. A good example of this would be a hotel partnering up with a local spa to offer an overnight stay with spa treatment!

valentine's day food and drink offer

Pairing is Caring

Play on the pairing aspect of Valentine’s Day and showcase your products that work well together. Not only does this provide your audience with ideas, but often helps to increase sales. If your business sells clothes, pair outfits that go well together and could provide inspiration for date night. If you own a fitness centre, include those singletons too by offering a double class for a bit of self-love!

The key to a good Valentine’s Day marketing campaign is…

…To make your customers and potential buyers feel special and to feel the love, regardless of their situation. Clever wording, quality offers and a wholesome approach will give you the opportunity to seize this holiday and leverage traffic.

If you’d like any help with creating the perfect Valentine’s Day campaign to boost sales and increase reach and engagement, then get in touch!

info@drumbeatmarketing.co.uk  ☎️ 01427 808870

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