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5 Myths About Video Marketing Clarified

Here we will clear up common myths about video marketing. It’s fun, it’s interactive and your audience love it.

1 – Video marketing costs too much

Video marketing can be as affordable as you want it to be. Buyers, consumers and potential customers value authenticity over production value. For this reason we are seeing a lot more user created content. If the point that you’re making is valuable – don’t worry about a low budget.

2 -Video marketing is awkward

Most people see making videos as something that needs heaps of preparation, scripts, equipment and paid actors. Modern video marketing is a lot less effort than you might think. With your smartphone it’s really easy to take videos – with most smartphone cameras being as good as or better than conventional cameras. Use your customers, staff and offices and you have everything you need to create engaging content.

3 – Video marketing isn’t relevant to my industry

Video marketing is appropriate for every industry and is a huge part of marketing that a lot of businesses are missing out on. From filming chefs cooking to accountants working and everything in between. To make it work for you, just ask the question “what would our customers like to see?”.

Examples of good video marketing are hairdressers filming process and how-to videos, restaurants filming their chefs in action and sports teams filming training sessions and goal celebrations.

4 – Tracking video marketing is hard

A video enablement platform gives you insights into how viewers are watching. When did they stop watching? Did they watch the whole thing? You can see the parts that viewers skipped and what action they took after. So tracking video marketing isn’t hard if you have the right tools.

5 – Video marketing isn’t useful enough

Wrong. Increasing open rates for emails, boosting click through rates, increasing social media sharing and making people spend more time on websites are just a few of video marketing’s uses. When you have the right tools, video has more uses than you’ll know what to do with.


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