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3 Words for 2016

The three words I have chosen to start this year are service, results and reflection. I am not writing this blog post on behalf of myself but the drumBEAT team as a whole – we don’t consider ourselves a new business over a year down the line we do know there’s always more to learn and always more goals to be set and achieved.

As for the 3 words, I have chosen words which fit perfectly and together make up an ongoing process.

Service – Service within a business covers a vast amount of areas but I am focusing on customer service all the way through to being fast, professional and loyal to our clients. Service comes from two points of view, the customer/client and the employees. We have all experienced some kind of service in our lives and we know how it can affect the decisions we choose to make. The aim for 2016 is carrying on from our achievements of 2015 to provide efficient, influential and transparent service throughout all of the work completed. I’d like to say this was a goal for the year but we believe we have already achieved this goal – it is about staying anchored and deep-rooted within our set of service skills.

Results – If you are part of a growing business you will know results affect the present and future of how that business runs and drumBEAT is no different. As a company we believe in the saying “work hard in silence and let success be your noise” and we have big plans for this year. No one can predict the future and when the results for this upcoming year will start to make an appearance but the team at drumBEAT will continue being motivated and passionate – results will ALWAYS come with hard work and we know this from past experience and the great results we have achieved previously with many happy clients.

Reflection – People mistake reflection as coming into play towards the end of the year but we believe reflecting on everything we do, big or small, is another step of self-improvement. Reflection doesn’t necessarily need a diagram, table or mind map but a few focused moments for your brain to process the outcome of a situation and once the end of 2016 approaches we can begin the process of setting goals another time only bigger and better.

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